Denim in everyday life

Denim in everyday life

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Everyday Life with Denim

Denim is usually found in everyday life without much thought.

I first became aware of their greatness when I was raising a small child. In the midst of my hectic life, I was looking for a durable pair of denim pants for playing outside with my kids.

I somehow bought a pair of denim pants I saw in an online store.


The denim pants I somehow bought were Levi’s 17501.

I was shocked by the touch, comfort, and design of the denim pants I received.

This was the beginning of my fascination with denim.

Everyday Life with Denim.

This is a denim information site that conveys the appeal of such denim.

Recommended denim-related products.


Levi’s tote bag recommended by denim evangelist ‘M’.
A simple yet spacious tote bag. Features a subtle logo accent, made of 100% cotton for a comfortable touch. Plus, it happily fits A4 files.